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Family Medicine of Pooler was established in 2010 and became the first Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice in Savannah, Georgia in 2017.

That ultimately means we get to spend more time with our patients without letting insurance companies get in the way.

We love it, our patients love it, and we believe you will love it too!

Dr. Pete & Dr. Christi Ghaleb



Insurance-Free = Hassle-Free

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is modern medicine with old fashioned care.

 It gives you and your family affordable and direct access to a doctor you know and trust via phone, text, social media, in-person visits, virtual visits (telemedicine / Telehealth) and more.

It's better, more convenient, and less expensive primary care, without the complicated bureaucracy of health insurance.


The Care You Deserve

Have you ever felt like you're just another number in a packed waiting room? You will never feel that way at Family Medicine of Pooler.

While traditional family doctors will see thousands of patients, we intentionally limit our panel to only 600. This allows for extra time to get to know each and every member, developing much stronger patient-physician relationships, which inevitably translates to better healthcare.


Price Transparency

Healthcare does not have to be complicated or expensive.  At Family Medicine of Pooler, most of your medical care needs are included in our straight-forward membership plans.  We also list our wholesale prices on labs, imaging and prescription medications so you will always know exactly how much you are saving.



  • "On-Time Doctor"

  • "Compassionate Doctor"

  • "The South's Greatest Doctors"

  • "Pride of Pooler - Best Physician"

  • "Distinguished Quality Physician"

  • "Best Family Medicine / General Practitioner in Savannah"


“Direct primary care allows doctors to do what we love: Build relationships with our patients.” 

The South's Greatest Doctors 2021/22

by South Magazine